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Do You Know the Prosperity Principles and How to make them work for you?

Most people don't! Most people think that riches come to those who are Lucky or even worse, Ruthless. It's true that sucessful people have something different than the rest of us, but it isn't luck or lack of honesty. If that were true, casino's would make people rich, and prisons would be full of millionaires!

Can you Imagine yourself doing what you love and having more than enough money? If you answered yes, Congratulations! You are on your way to making your fortune.

Planting the Money Tree

My book, Planting the Money Tree takes you through the step-by-step process that uses the Prosperity Principles to grow your income, and enrich your life. Please read the introduction chapter to learn more:

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Who says money doesn't grow on trees...it's made of paper right?

Money. We are all so worried about making it and spending it, but what does money really give us? Sense of Security, Freedom, Power, Happiness? Aren't those things that money cannot buy?

What is money really?
Money is representative of your time, energy, intellect, and luck, but it is really none of those things, and if you are not clear, money can drain you of your time, talent, and energy and leave a pretty empty hole in it's place.

But we need money to survive!
And we want to do better than "just get by." We want to support ourselves, our families, and our dreams...we want to thrive! O.K., so money is not the root of all evil. We like money. We want more of it. So what do we do? Plant a Money Tree of course!

Right! If it were that simple, everyone would do it. Simple? Yes! The only reason everyone doesn't do it is because they don't know how to activate the Prosperity Principles. These principles are like mathematics. Everyone is able to add and subtract, but simply knowing the principles doesn't balance your checkbook...but putting them into action does!

The Money Tree

The Money Tree is a metaphor for the creative process involved in growing your money consciousness. What does growing money consciousness have to do with growing your bank account? A lot more than most people think. Success in any area of our lives begins with thoughts. Thoughts control our actions. Actions soon become habits. Habits shape lives.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich wrote, “...Our brains become magnetized with these dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds, and, by means with which no man is familiar, these “magnets” attract to us forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.”

Emerson, Troward, and Holmes, all early pioneers of the new thought movement in the 20th Century articulated this principle, although it is really nothing new. Thousands of years earlier Solomon wrote: “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts,” and later Jesus said, “It is done unto you as you believe.”

Getting Down to The Roots

The Past is history, the future, A mystery, and today is a gift... that is why they call it The Present!

Since I first discovered these principles at work in my life, I realized the most powerful universal truth is, what you put your attention on grows. I soon realized I no longer wished to grow more of the same experiences I had been having and focusing on up to that point. One of those experiences was a chronic lack of money. I knew I needed to translate my newly discovered principles of life to my finances and quick!

At the time, I was deep in debt. My husband and I owed more money to creditors than we made in a single year. I was working full time and making pretty good money, but I had three small children and my husband was a stay-at-home Dad. We went to a consumer credit counselor and they told us that based on our income, our best choice was to file for bankruptcy. This was a real low point for us, but together we decided to face the mess we created and we began to make the changes and sacrifices in our lives we thought necessary to dig out. I believed in the power of positive thinking, and we basically refused to accept that we were bankrupt, either spiritually or monetarily.


How we got to this place is almost irrelevant. In retrospect, I can honestly say that I ended up between this rock and hard place because of what I believed about money and what I believed about how life was supposed to be. Even though I grew up without a lot of money I was an optimist. The future was always going to be better, and yet, it never quite was. I always experienced the promise of better circumstance; the new job; the promotions; the raise, but it never seemed to be enough. Just when I thought I was getting ahead, some new crises arose to drain my energy and my bank account. I’ll never forget the day the IRS seized my checking account. It was their error, and after a day they released our assets and covered our bounced checks, but the event itself symbolized for me the belief at work: I just couldn’t get ahead.

By this time, we had already been working our way out of debt. I was doing my affirmations every day, “I have thousands of dollars in extra income.” In fact, I had just gotten a big promotion and was actually starting to feel that all my hard work and struggle was paying off.

Now I see that it was my faith in some future good, the idea that the present could really suck and that was o.k. because the future held great promise. It is what kept my good out there, just out of reach. Like a golden carrot, it lead me down the path, further and further into debt, giving away more of my life force trying to capture some of that good here and now. I was affirming in the present, but I was living my life as though the present did not matter. I was existing in the present, but I was living for the future.

I am still an optimist. I still believe the future holds great promise. What is different for me now is that I also believe the present holds great promise. That the creative power exists in each and every moment, and opportunity is born, and reborn in the present.

I had believed the future was better and the present was hard work and struggle, and I inched along like this for several years. First into and out of debt, and then into and out of full time work. By the time I found the courage to leave my full time job and pursue my dreams, I had wriggled far enough forward to be out of debt and had a comfortable life-style. On my journey I discovered something I valued a great deal more than money: time.

I often think about the time-money continuum. A popular belief that feels like reality to most of us is that you have time and you have money, and they are pretty well in direct opposition to each other. This is the idea behind trading away your life (which is really just another word for your time) for your money. If your time is really your life, then it has to be more valuable to you than money.

Think about it. You give x number of hours each day for x number of dollars. Since your time is finite, so are your dollars. In spirit, there is no time, and there is no material value. Spirit is infinite, but time and money are not. It is spirit then which must be the center of your attention, and the attention to spirit which must be the center of your life. This is the first Prosperity Principle of ATTENTION: what you put your attention on grows.

A Fruit of Love

It was from this perspective then, the concept of The Money Tree was born. The Money Tree is rooted in spirit which is infinite, and allows you to put your time and attention to the things in life that really matter. The Money Tree is your own personal vision for your money supply. What you think about money is what you experience with money, and The Money Tree is a new and abundant way to think about money now.

The Landscaping

As we go through the process of planting and growing our money tree, you may begin to notice a pattern. We are creating an experience by essentially reverse engineering. We are deconstructing success and using the scientific principles that underly our world to recreate the experience. First we design our experience by creating an intent. Then, we choose the seeds of that experience, and cultivate the feelings, emotions, and sensory impressions that would be present when that experience manifests or grows. We live our lives as though it were real­, and we activate the second Prosperity Principle of ATTRACTION—like creates like—and it becomes real for us.

I call this process Envisoneering. Envisioneering is an alchemy of thought & feeling. It requires you to engage as many of your senses as possible, to activate your imagination, your faith, to clearly state your intent with a definite purpose.

The Gardener’s Tools

Fortunately, there are time-tested tools that are available to us that will make us expert Envisioneers as we move through the process of growing our wealth. While you may not want or need to use all of these in your process of implementing the Prosperity Principles, you might as well have everything available in the potting shed. Some situations may call for a shovel, some a rake, and you may never use the hoe, but it’s good to know what it’s use is should you find yourself in need.

Excerpt from the book by Shauna Marshall, PLANTING THE MONEYTREE: A BOTTOMLINE GUIDE TO CULTIVATING WEALTH, COPYRIGHT 1993-2013, Shauna Marshall Design. VISIT US online @ www.prosperityprinciples.com for a free copy of THE HARVEST MEDITATION.